Sunday, February 25, 2007

Help Others Achieve Their Goals

When you read about what is important in cultivating your networking skills, you will consistently hear that you need to do for others. To think that when you meet someone in the business world they will immediately start sending you business and/or referrals is plain naive. Most people do not make others the priority (you will not matter to them until you build a relationship), and therefore they will not think of you again after they walk away.

Of course this is okay, because you understand that one meeting does not make you part of their network. One meeting make you someone they met.

One of the fastest ways to get noticed by others is to help them in their quest to reach their goals. Thus, you need to discover what it is they desire. You can do this by asking questions and listening closely to their words. But then comes the "work" part of networking (have you noticed that the middle of the word "networking" is "w-o-r-k"?), you need to make them a priority in your life, even if you are not important to them!

Yep...networking is not a 50/50 exchange. Sometimes one person does more to assist the other. To be successful you have to become comfortable with the fact that you will help others more often than others will help you. But, if you are sincere in your efforts, you will receive more as as well. Even if you do not get an equal amount of attention from your network, a rising tide rises all boats, and what goes around comes around (cliche? yes...but true!).

I am not suggesting that you become a doormat and allow others to walk on you or take advantage of you giving spirit. I am suggesting that you discover the joy of helping others, and get your payback just from the fact that you helped another person move toward their goal. That way you are at 50/50 from the get-go. Now everything that others do to help you puts you over the top!

Hundreds of people will read this blog post. If everyone decides to find five people today and discover a way to help them with a business, personal or soul great would that be?

I want you to think right now about what kind of person you are.. ARE YOU ONE WHO LOOKS FOR WAYS TO HELP OTHERS ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS? (Be honest, nobody can hear your answer in your head). I hope you said yes. If not, DO YOU WANT TO BE THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO HELPS OTHERS ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS? (If you said no, then go away).

Before you go to bed tonight, ask someone: "What is your biggest challenge and what can I do to help?". And when someone asks you the same question, know your answer!

Have A Great Day.


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Liz said...

I LOVE this post so much that I wrote about it and directed folks from my blog to yours to read it. Good job. Great message.


David Zinger said...

Keep assembling your fine posts on networking. I will stay tuned to your network. I am meeting 8 different people this week and I will keep a very strong focus on what I can offer them.