Monday, February 05, 2007

Austin Business Bloggers Club Meets Again

Sixteen bloggers showed up for the 2nd monthly gathering of the Austin Business Bloggers Club.

This is a very informal meeting of folks who write, or are considering writing, business oriented blogs. There is no agenda, just free-flow conversation about any topic regarding blogs. It was fun to watch the experienced share and advice others about how they have achieved their success.

We met some interesting people tonight who have a variety of interests, expertise and experience in regards to their blogs. It was a great chance to network and meet others who are creating.

Those with current blogs who were in attendance included:

Shawn Shillington

Glenn Ross

Steve Harper **Steve has a great post on his blog about this event and about creating community. Click over and read this and you will be inspired. His point about almost not attending the event after a busy day is a lesson to everyone!

Byron Van Arsdale

Connie Reece

Sylvester Becker

Scott Ingram

Carlon Haas

Conrad Hametner

Joel Gray

Others in attendance were gathering information for personal or company blogs that they are getting ready to launch.

We will meet again on the first Monday of March at Guero's Taco Bar (Congress Ave at Elizabeth). Please show up at 5:30. At 5:45 we will determine how many are in attendance and get a table. Bring cash to make paying for your dinner and drinks a painless experience for everyone involved. Please join us next month.

Have A Great Day.



JibberJobber Guy said...

Man, I'm jealous! One part of me says "go to Austin soon for one of these" and the other says "compete with Austin and get more than 16 here in Salt Lake"...

Sounds awesome Thom and company, congrats on a terrific turnout!

Steve Harper said...

Jason, too bad you couldn't make it down as I would have loved to meet you. I enjoy reading your BLOG!

I liked your comment but rather than create competition might I suggest we take it a step further and create some real synergy and perhaps virtual community between Austin and Salt Lake? I would love to meet and learn from the cool people in your area and I suspect people up there would want to connect with some of the amazing talent we have in Austin.


Ripple On!

Steve Harper

Liz said...

Thanks for the recap of the event. i am so sorry that I couldn't make it but I will be at the one in March!.


Travis Fell said...

I'm glad to see that business bloggers are coming together in Austin. I'll definitely swing by a meeting after I return Austin from Virginia Beach in early March.

One thing I'd like to learn more about is the business case for business blogging. I attended the Blogging Enterprise conference in November 2005 (read more here: During Q&A sessions, people asked about the business case for blogging. The answers usually included good general principles that will eventually build the business case, but the business case is not quite as tight as should be to drive mass adoptions by C-level execs. My sense was, as soon as blogging is more empirically and definitively linked to increased sales, faster time to market, fewer product defects, and increased repeat business, executives will be all over it.

Have you or other commenters heard of or developed more data to support the business case for blogging?

Stay strong!