Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm On LinkedIn -- Now What?

I am long overdue in writing this book review, as if anyone deserves the kudos it is new author Jason Alba. "I'm On LinkedIn - - Now What?" is a book for EVERYONE who has looked at social media / on-line networking and felt dumbfounded or overwhelmed.

The world has changed a lot over the last decade. Ten years ago many of you had limited access to the internet, now I assume you live and die by your high speed connections. Think about sitting in the waiting area of an airport in 1995. You sat. Maybe you read. Perhaps you talked to the person next to you. Now many of you are connected to your laptop, blackberry or other mobile device. When you cannot get a wireless signal you feel put out. Oh, the horror of it all.

With all the changes have come new and important products and services that did not even exist a few years ago. Some of these are hard to understand their importance, as they are still morphing in how they are being adopted by the masses.

LinkedIn is one such on-line service that many people still do not understand or properly utilize. Jason Alba has written a great educational reference guide to help those who are new to LinkedIn, or unsure of how to use it to their full advantage.

The book is only 110 pages long, but it is packed with useful information and tips to strengthen you online presence. While the book focuses on LinkedIn as a tool, much of the information is transferable to all online services. His advice on how to manage your visibility is right on the money and will lead you to more opportunities in your career.

I have come to know Jason over the past 18 months, and consider him a good friend, although we have only met in person once. Jason is the master at building true friendships via the internet. He lives every word that he writes in this book.

I am honored that he thanks me in the "Acknowledgements" in the front of the book, as I think it is I who should be acknowledging him for all he has taught me!

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