Monday, November 26, 2007

Come See Me Speak - Metropolitan Breakfast Club - Austin, Texas

On Wednesday, Nov 28th I am speaking at the Metropolitan Business Club on the topic of "Don't Take No For An Answer - Make Your Book A Reality".

While my usual presentations are focused on the power of business relationships, marketing, business development and networking, I am very excited about this speech. My personal experiences since releasing both my books have been amazing. Having completed these books have given me a whole new outlook on life, goals, motivation, and friendships. I often talk with people who desire to write a book, but are not sure how to make their dream a reality. Hopefully I can share what I have learned and maybe inspire at least one person to finish their manuscript.

There are many paths to completing a book, and my way is not necessarily the "right" way for everyone. During this talk we will explore the good, the bad and the ugly of what an author can face along his or her journey.

If you live in Austin, Texas and can attend, that would be great. It is always nice to have friendly faces in the audience.

The Metropolitan Business Club is a great local networking group that might appeal to some of you. Very interesting and friendly people. This is good chance to check out this organization.

The registration fee costs $15. You must register by Tuesday, although I think they accept walk ins at the door (I think).

You can register at




Tom Magness said...


I'm sorry I will miss this presentation (I left Austin last summer). These are words of wisdom I need to hear. I need to "make my book a reality!" Maybe a future podcast??? Good luck at the MBC.

Liz said...

Hey Thom. I was planning to attend the breakfast and hear you speak but I had a client call at that time. Thanks for the heads up about the Metropolitan BUsiness Club...I will check it out.