Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Class Act Is Never Forgotten

I write a lot on this blog about how a simple gesture can really make another person feel good. Today I got to be on the receiving end of a class act that made my day. I am still smiling.

I recently started a new job with vcfo, inc as the director of business development. The company is an Austin based consulting firm (now in four cities) that enables busy finance and HR departments to better accomplish their tasks by providing hands-on experienced talent to achieve results. I like the job, and find it to be both rewarding and challenging. In addition, the staff is made up of a team of talented and entrepreneurial people, which makes for an inspiring work environment. I have been here a month, and am energized by the opportunity to be part of the company's continued growth.

When I walked in my office this morning I discovered a nice bottle of wine on my desk. It was from the corporate and securities partners in the Austin office of the Andrews Kurth law firm. This is the firm where I used to work in a business development and marketing capacity a few years back. The partners all signed a card congratulating me on my new job, wishing both me and vcfo success in our future together.

Wow! That really made my day (heck, if I feel this good before I drink the wine, imagine how good I will feel once my wife and I uncork this fine Cabernet!!!!). They did not need to take the time and effort to send me a bottle of wine....but I will not soon forget them, or what they did to highlight my new career. I find this to be a class act, and one that does not happen for people often enough.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered, take the time to find special ways to honor the people in your network of professional contacts when they have a milestone achievement in their life. A bottle of wine, a box of chocolate, or even just a handwritten note of congratulations will be noticed. It will help put you on the top of their mind, and that is where you want to be!

Have A Great Day.


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