Thursday, November 08, 2007

Appreciation Bomb

I once read about the concept of an “appreciation bomb”. I think this comes from Christine Comaford-Lynch, author of Rules for Renegades, but I am not positive.

The idea is that you spend some time focusing on things that you love and for which you are grateful. This is not something you do passively, but instead a proactive and emotionally charged exercise where you go through all the wonderful things you can think of in your life that bring a smile to your face. Do not just skim over the image you create in your mind, but instead concentrate deeply on what it is about the person, place or thing that is special, unique and fills you with joy.

This is not easy to do, it takes personal effort to focus on only the joyous things in your world. But wonderful things exist for each of us and are intimately linked to our soul. As you ponder the good in your life, you should allow yourself to overflow with emotions. If you shiver or cry you are on the right track. If your mouth curls up into a cheek splitting smile, you are doing this correctly.

Spend ten or fifteen minutes lost in your appreciation. Flood your conscious and unconscious mind with pure love, happiness, passion and peace.

After you drop this bomb on yourself, be prepared to have some amazing opportunities come into your life in the near future. The universe rewards those who recognize their blessings and are grateful for all of the greatness that surrounds them. The Law of Attraction brings you more of what you think about, so spend some time thinking about what is already phenomenal around you.

Does this sound hokey or too new age for you? Okay. But think about it for a minute. Does spending a quarter of an hour being truly grateful cause you any harm? No. So we know for sure that nothing damaging can come from feeling thankful in your heart and soul. If this is true, then why not do it anyway? If nothing else, you will feel good. And just in case the concept of an “appreciation bomb” really does bestow upon you more great things.... who wouldn’t want that.

Give it a try.

Have A Great Day


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Christine Comaford-Lynch said...

Yes indeed, Thom! This technique is from my book, Rules For Renegades. You'll find this on our web site too, at under the Cool Resources section. All resources are free!

Thanks for the mention,

Thom Singer said...


Thanks for stopping by. I was in Los Angeles last weekend and met Gina, and we had discussed you (and how you were one of the authors/speakers I most want to meet).

Thus you were on my mind, and this topic popped in as a good blog post. I thought it was from your book and wanted to make sure to give you credit (I love you book, FYI)...but did not have it nearby to properly reference.

Glad I got it right! I hope our paths cross soon.


Aruni said...

I like that term. We do need to stop and remember what we are grateful for! In our busy lives, we often forget that we have so much to be grateful for.