Thursday, November 15, 2007

Enzoology on The Ellen Show

Sunday night we had dinner with some friends and their son Enzo. This seven-year-old kid is a science wiz, and an expert on bugs, animals, plants and other stuff. It was the first time we met this now budding young star, but it wont be the he is headed toward real fame.

Enzo decided he wanted to produce his own short nature show, and with his parents help he put it up on YouTube. WAMMO...the power of viral marketing....and ENZO IS A STAR! People have gone nuts for this kid and his science reports. Spiders, sharks, lizards, dolphins and a praying mantis all are his co-stars. Watching his face as the tarantula climbs up his neck is priceless!

He is a silly and zanny kid, in addition to being brilliant. With his wild locks of hair and charming smile, it is no wonder that he has had hundreds of thousands of downloads of his new internet show, "Enzoology".

So popular is Enzo that this week he will appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show . It airs Friday, November 16th (tomorrow). I can't wait to see it.

Click over NOW to to watch his four completed episodes. This kid is the real deal. At dinner he was polite, engaging, entertaining and just fun to be around. He was nice to my kids and they enjoyed hanging out with him (three kids in a restaurant and they were all well behaved...DANG, no wonder we remember the evening so fondly!!!)

Have A Great Day.


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