Saturday, November 17, 2007

Know The Right People

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Nobody knows everyone. But knowing those who matter can make you more valuable. If you look at your circle of friends and business colleagues, are you the most important and powerful person in the crowd? For your sake I hope not. Many people like the feeling of being the smartest, most successful and best connected person in their group. They thrive on the adoration. But if you are at the top of the hill, then you have nowhere to go but down.

To really succeed you need to be connected to people at all levels, up and down the line. Opportunities come from people, but you need to find the right people who will want to help you excel. Success is not about being adored. It is about having your own goals and aspirations to achieve more in your. Find people whom you admire and get to know them, as the ones who are really successful will enjoy giving you a hand up to the top.

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