Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As Seen On Forbes.com

Can I share something with you that is fun?.......

I was quoted in an article about networking at Forbes.com on making the best of attending holiday parties (for those looking for jobs).

".......Now that you've got a list of people to talk with, make sure to get there on time. Arriving when there are fewer people makes it easier to get time with the party's hosts and the board of directors. For people who feel shy about meeting strangers, getting there while the crowd is small is much easier to manage than entering a room full of 200 partiers already having a good time, says Thom Singer , author of The ABCs of Networking."

Forbes.com writer Tara Weiss' artilce is full of great advice and quotes from myself and networking experts Lynne Waymon and Andrea Nierenberg.

Click here to read the whole story.

Have A Great Day.


ON MONDAY NOV 26th the ABC.com website picked up the story also. Click here to read.


Steve Harper said...

Congratulations Thom! That is fantastic. I just made the 101 Best Ideas for Entrepreneur Magazine so I know how thrilled you are to be recognized for your opinion. It never gets old that's for sure!

Way to go my man!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


jen_chan, writer MemberSpeed.com said...

This is an excellent idea. And it's only only limited to those looking for jobs. Anybody who wants to broaden his or her connections should take advantage of the opportunity. With fewer guests and with the party yet to begin, it's the perfect timing to converse with people.