Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Speed of Social Web 2.0

Caroline McCarthy at "the social Blog" and Stacey Higginbotham at "The Seed Stage Blog" both have skeptical posts about Facebook's recent deals with ABC News and Pluck Corp. to collaborate on political and other news related feeds.

ABC News will be co-sponsoring debates with Facebook during the 2008 campaign, and Facebook users will have direct access and the ability to comment on ABC's political coverage. Meanwhile, Pluck Corp will link it's mainstream media client's content to Facebook and other online social media sights.

"I'm unsure how successful this will be for publications trying to remain relevant to the next generation," says The Deal reporter, Higginbotham on her highly popular tech industry blog. McCarthy closes her post with "Maybe ABC News can pull it off--who knows, anyway?--but I'm skeptical". But both are only looking through the eyes of what is currently happening on Facebook. It was only a matter of month ago that this social networking service was only for college students, and has quickly surpassed MySpace and LinkedIn as the darling of this still infantile industry of Online Social Media.

Considering how fast things morph on the internet, and as users mature, I think that anything is possible in the ways that sights will be used. Online Social Media is in third grade on its way to a PhD. We have a long way to go, and more people will still be venturing into this arena. I still talk to people every day in the business community (even those who work in an around technology) who are not active users of online social systems. As these folks join the game, we will see even more changes. Political and other news might be what it takes to lure these mainstream users into the Facebook community. I think the future is full of possibilities.

Don't blink, as this whole discussion will change in a nanosecond.

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