Wednesday, November 07, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #46

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Invest In Your Future

Most business professionals understand the basics of investing in the stock market and real estate, but have no concept of how to invest in their own career. People do business with people they know and like, therefore to reach your highest potential an individual needs to look toward the future when cultivating a network of personal and professional contacts. If you already have a great network that meets all your needs, that is wonderful. However think ahead and make sure that this same group will always satisfy your situation.

Opportunities come from people. No matter what you want to accomplish in your life and career, you need the assistance of others. Networking is not about just knowing a lot of people, it is about making real connections with the right people and forging mutually beneficial relationships that lead you both to higher levels of success. Regardless of your industry, it is other human beings who are the conduits that bring you to the next level.

To connect with others in the business community you must invest time. You and your company need to be involved in local organizations and physically attend the business functions. It is easy to get caught up in important busy work for your current clients and rationalize avoiding these gatherings. However, participating in the community will expose you to amazing people and opportunities. It might take many years, but eventually those you meet today will bring your business, the chance to serve on boards, and lasting friendship.

You have to invest time in really getting to know the people that you meet. Exchanging business cards does not make them part of your network, it makes them an acquaintance. It takes seven to ten interactions with people before you can call them a friend. If you just leave it up to chance you might cultivate a relationship, but if you are proactive and reach out to others, you will have more success.

Your local Chamber of Commerce and other civic, business and charitable organizations provide countless events where you can meet others and build your network. Educational seminars, happy hours and other special occasions are happening every day in your community. Make your plans to be more than a passive observer in these activities, and get involved. Be committed to expanding your network and invest in your future.

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Anita said...

I think this is a great point. Being involved in something bigger than yourself -- raising money for a community charity, helping other people -- these are all things that just plain make you feel good. You meet people who understand that, and those are the kind of people that will be of benefit in all areas of your life.
Anita Bruzzese