Friday, November 02, 2007


Last night I met international magician and hypnotist Danny ZZZZ. This guy is one of North America's top headliners, entertainers and television stars, who "wows" audiences with his mental illusions and slight of hand. He can be seen on NBC's Phenomenon.

He is also a businessman, husband, father and cool guy. All around a very interesting person to talk with over a beer. How cool do you think it must be for his nine-year-old son....DAD IS A MAGICIAN!

At the end of our conversation he bent two forks with his "power". I was sitting right there, holding the forks, and I have no idea how he did it. When you see him on TV, you can rationalize all sorts of thoughts and opinions of how he manipulates the metal. But when you are holding the fork in your hands as he makes it melt, it shocks you at your core.

When he left I found myself holding two broken forks, and I was dumbfounded. This guy is the real deal.

Have A Great Day.


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Danny Zzzz said...

Real deal.... my friend you are the real deal. Hearing a man talk of home, family, and motivation to follow dreams. You were an inspiration and a pleasure to talk to. I travel all over the world and meet many people and I could have sat and talked all night. I'll order your book and look for more in the future. No doubt, I will be coming to see you as a inspiring speaker headline such an event. Thank you for your kind words...