Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nobody Cares

Hugh at The Gapingvoid Blog had the above cartoon on his website last week (along with the "Nobody Cares" Manifesto).

It got me thinking... Damn, this is true. Nobody Cares. A world of six billion people, and everyone wrapped up in their own shit.

But does nobody care because they are self-centered....or does nobody care because there is now amazing amounts of information and so many choices swirling around us that people are overwhelmed. I think the latter.

Over 20,000 beverage choices are available when you walk into Starbucks (all the sizes, flavors, syrups, hot and cold, caffeine or caffeine free, etc.... do the math!). How can anyone possibly comprehend that each morning (especially before a cup of coffee)? So they don't.

People order what they know. I get the grande non-fat vanilla latte. It is in my comfort zone. Sometimes I might go wild and get a mocha, but that is about it. The more choices we face, the less we pay attention to the other options. Don't even get me started on the 19 flavors of Oreo Cookies.

The same is true with people. Nobody cares about your dreams, goals, products or services. With everyone they know and meet, they just don't choose to care about you.

In fact, it is often the opposite: people find ways to look down on others, find flaws, and otherwise dismiss people. They try to keep others from succeeding or ignore their talents. Instead of wanting to see others reach for more, they are threatened by potential.

This is why it is so important for you to show interest in other people you meet while networking. The small effort of caring about what is important to others makes you stand out in the crowd. You will have more success if you care about others and you will have more fun.

A great thing to ask everyone you talk to in the next few weeks is "What is your biggest goal in 2007?" .... then care about their answer! You will be amazed with what you will learn about friends and strangers. Once people know you care, they will tell you more and more about their dreams, goals, and desires.

On occasion, you will even be able to help them reach these goals....or they can help you reach yours! That is when joy enters the picture. Helping others (or having them help you) reach potential is powerful.

SOMEBODY CARES: Population One...And Growing!

Have A Great Day.



Trooperdog said...

Amen, brother!

JibberJobber Guy said...

I'll add to your 1, so population 2.

Anonymous said...

Being a UAW Employee Assistant Rep with Siemens Automotive, I hear this comment many, many times a week. "Nobody Cares!" I think I'll post this site for all to read. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll add to the somebody cares population. Count me in!