Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Parade - I am Austin

My friend Chris Hyde sent me a link to an online quiz that aks "If you were a city, what city would you be". It asks some simple questions and then compares your answers to the personalities of a major U.S. city.

Alas, I am right at home! I am Austin, Texas.

This was comforting. My personality matches that of my home. I am not sure I would be this happy if it told me I was Des Moines. Nothing against Iowa.... but it just does not seem as cool (I am biased, as I chose to live in Austin sixteen years ago, and have never left).

You Are Austin
A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.You're totally weird and very proud of it.Artistic and freaky, you still seem to fit in... in your own strange way.
Famous Austin residents: Lance Armstrong, Sandra Bullock, Andy Roddick
What American City Are You?

Click Here to find out what city you would be.

Have A Great Day.


1 comment:

Mark said...

Great question, Thom. Maybe it's your Texas connection that made me think of this, but I think I'm Fort Worth. I've only been there once, but I was impressed with the down-home, layed-back aura of the town...especially compared to the urban style of Dallas. Fort Worth is cattle and cowboys. It's just gettin' things done without much's a lot like Des Moines, but with chaps.

I'm also a wannabe cowboy, so that might have someething to do with my thought process:)