Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and John Edwards To Teach A Live Business Skills Seminar Through November 2008

There are two years and eleven days until the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States. Regardless of your politics that is a long time. And yet, the news is reporting the 2008 election in the USA as if it was already heating up.

This hot reporting is because the pre-election it is heating up. Those candidates with presidential aspirations have already begun to plan for their campaigns. They began a long time ago. The teams are in place and the strategies are being thought through.

None of what we will witness in the meat of the campaign next year will be by accident. These people have set the goal (a big one), and they are doing everything they can to market themselves. It is not about who has the most experience or a superior vision of the future, it is about who can garner the right mix of media attention and "buzz".

They are also raising money. To win the presidency will cost a whole lotta cash. In fact, to lose the election will take a whole lotta cash! It costs money to play the game regardless of the outcome. Many qualified candidates will never get the chance to run for office because they do not have enough money to create the "machine".

Finally, candidates are trying to be the first to embrace new technologies and platforms. John Edwards announced his candidacy on You-Tube. Others will soon be doing the same thing. Think back to Bill Clinton's appearance on the Arsenio Hall show...he was the first politician to appear on an entertainment talk show.....now they all do it. Being first is important to getting the attention!

Through all the actions over the next 22 months, these these Democrats and Republican candidates will be holding a live business skills seminar, so pay attention. If you look closely you will witness great lessons for your our own (albeit seemingly smaller) goals for success:

1. Plan Ahead. Do not just sit back and hope that the tide of victory will roll in. You need to know what you want, assemble your team, and plan your strategy.

2. Begin Marketing Early. To create "buzz" takes time and tenacity. Do not just assume that once you throw you hat in the ring that anyone will care. You need to realize that many great products and services have flopped because the target market failed to buy.

3. Success Requires Funding. Americans love to champion those who "bootstrap" their way to victory. While this can happen, it is rare. Look around at your local mall. How many local "mom and pop" stores are there? Not many. The big companies have taken over the shopping experience because they have the money to pay the high rents and buy the advertising. This is true in most areas. Yes, the internet and other new media have changed some things, but for the most part it is still hard to gain traction in marketing your product without up-front money. I am not saying you need tons of money...but do not pretend you can do all your marketing with not money up front.

4. Gain First Mover Advantage. If you want to get media attention, you have to do something original. Be bold, try new things. Do not just do what your competition is doing. However, taking risks is risky (yes, that is a brilliant sentence, thank you!). Do not do silly things to gain attention (think Howard Dean's famous scream), as that just gets you labeled as nutty.

You can learn many important business lessons about strategy, product marketing, public relations, sales, word-of-mouth promotion, event planning, crisis control, networking and relationships, fundraising, creating a team, public speaking, and much much more from watching these skilled politicians sell themselves out to the American people!

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Anonymous said...

"Taking risks is risky" - dang, you are a literary master.

Pete Aldin said...

"anonymous" obviously doesn't understand dry humor - nor do they have the courage to make a sarcastic comment and actually leave their real name....

... then again, maybe they were being funny, and I'm the one who doesn't get it ....

I thought this was a great post - thanks!