Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well it happened: 2006 came to a close.

It happens every time....December gets here so fast, and all events of the holidays take over and before I know it, the year is over. Win or lose, all the hopes and dreams of 2006 are done.

Today is more than just a day on the calendar, it is a fresh start. Whatever goals you did not complete in 2006 are no longer of concern. They are yesterday's news. We all have failures and shortcomings. So what?

It is now all about 2007 (don't dwell on the past). But wishing for success will only leave you frustrated. You have to take action.

I believe that no achievement happens in a vacuum. You need other people to help you succeed. Make 2007 the year of improved networking skills. Read my book (or any book on the subject), but do not just stop at the reading: Implement the advice on how to make, grow and keep your business relationships.

If you were to focus on making two strong business contacts per month (that is not hard to do if you focus on networking), then you will have twenty-four allies looking out to help advance your career one year from today. Think about that...what if you had done that in 2006? Could one of those two dozen folks presented you with a life changing opportunity? Even if your answer is "MAYBE!" (I think it should be "YES")...then you could have missed out on something amazing.



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