Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leave A Comment and maybe Win A Prize

In an effort to encourage the readers of my blog to leave comments that lead to the extension of the dialogue on the posts, I am going to enter everyone who leaves a comment during the month of February into a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate from My Choice / Quick Gifts.

The rules are that you must leave a comment that is relative to the post and advances the discussion (not just "nice post"). You also must leave your name (sorry "anonymous" - you can't win) and a way for me to reach you. (you can email me separately with your email if you do not want it to be publicly displayed). A link to your blog on the comment will work as a means of contact.

Comments responding to other comments will also count. Multiple comments on the same post only will count if it is advancing the discussion of the community.

Only comments made on new posts in the month of February will be entered into the drawing.

I will draw a winner on Feb 28th.

I have the final decision on if a comment is relevant or not (yes, this blog is a dictatorship).

Any offensive comments will be removed and will not be entered into the drawing.

Tell your friends about the big February contest at "Some Assembly Required". While only one $25 gift certificate will be awarded, I will give away five copies of my book too.

Comment early and often.

Have A Great Day.



Anonymous said...

But I like to be anonymous. It allows me write nasty or critical posts without having to reveal my identity. I say things that I would never say if you knew who I was. I gives me freedom I do not have in the real world

Anonymous said...

Hey Thom... Great idea! I've done something similar on my blog recently, but different as well -- I asked for the best dating stories, and then everyone had 24 hours to vote on their favourite... Quadrupled my hits for a while (and I'm already getting about 500 uniques a day). That was cool!

Best of luck with this contest!