Friday, January 26, 2007

No Exploratory Committee

I am not forming an exploratory committee and I am not seeking the Democratic or Republican Parties' nominations for the Presidency of the United States.

I think I am the only U.S citizen not running for the highest office in the land.

It seems one cannot turn on the television or log onto the internet without seeing yet another yahoo jumping into the race. Hillary Rodham-Clinton should be happy that at least one of her fellow citizens is not challenging her in the primaries (that are still over one year away).

I have decided that politics has just become a silly game, and the players have no idea how ridiculous they appear. The process has become all about marketing, image, brand, spin, hype, PR and positioning...rather than the real experience level or core beliefs of those running. In fact, there is no way to even know what they stand for because years ago they started morphing themselves into a media candidate.

It would be easier to launch a new cola flavored soft drink to compete with Coca-Cola than to run for president.

There are very few people who even care. Only about 40% will go vote in 2008, but the candidate don't care...they just want the right people to vote. I think it would be fun, just to shake things up, if the American people decided to all turn out and vote. The politicians would be shocked. In third world countries the turn out is high (Iraq saw almost all citizens vote), yet here we spend more money to get few to the polls.

So I am alerting the media that they can line up to interview me....the only person in the country not running for president. Heck, more people might vote for me than that poor Republican from Kansas whose declared his candidacy, and nobody can remember his name a week later.

Have A Great Day.


"Don't Vote For Me!"

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Chuck Brady said...

Hello Thom,

Your posting made me laugh a little bit when you said "I think it would be fun, just to shake things up, if the American people decided to all turn out and vote".

I was reminded back in the late 90's when I was at University in Minnesota. This was the time Jesse Ventura was running for Governor and no one gave him a chance to win.

Both of the normal parties were quoted in the press as saying "a vote for Ventura is a wasted vote".

Though when it came to election day what Ventura was able to do was convince a very large group of the non voting population to show up at the polls and vote for him. It created quite a stir and as we know he ended up being elected by all the "wasted votes".

I think you are quite right, if you get the regular non voters in support of something there is 60% of the population who can easily vote someone in or out should they choose to.