Sunday, January 28, 2007

Blog Linking Spreads The Love

Robert Scoble at the Scobleizer Blog (a tech/geek favorite blog) has stirred up some blogosphere grumblings with his rant "Big Gadget Sites Don't Link To Blogs", and his follow up "Pissing Off The Blogosphere", about how he gets mad at bloggers who do not link to other sights. The two posts have over 200 comments in just a few days, and countless bloggers are commenting on him (pro and con).

This has been a long time pet-peeve of mine. I hate bloggers who do not have blogrolls, do not link to the blogs where they get post ideas, and do not sight sources. I think that these folks are takers, not givers. Many of these bloggers just take ideas, thoughts, and stories and just claim them as their own.

Scoble says this is a growing trend in blog-land. Bummer.

In response, Robert Scoble is inviting all smaller bloggers (he has a huge readership) to post a link to their blogs in his comment section on a recent post. He also promises to visit all the blogs. Now that shows class.

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