Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The Disney movie, Invincible, is the story of Philadelphia Eagles football player, Vince Papale. Papale's true story of being a 30-year-old bartender who gets a once-in-a-lifetime shot at living every sports fan's wildest fantasy: Playing in the big leagues. His beloved hometown team held open tryouts in 1976, and from the hundreds who went for the dream, Papale made the team. For three years he played in the NFL and was became the heart and soul of the Eagles organizations.

In the beginning the veteran players viewed him as a publicity stunt, but in the end he won the hearts of the fans and players alike. He had true determination and put his whole self into playing football. His only experience had been one year of high school football, and his time on the dirt lot playing street ball with his buddies. Yet his desire and iron will outplayed his lack of experience.

This is not the greatest movie of the year, but compared to most things you can was pretty good. The real inspiration is not the movie, but what Vince Papale represents. While not all of us would want to play in the NFL....we each do have aspirations of achievement. Everyone has something more they want in their lives.

Yes, you need talent. But talent alone is not enough to ensure success. You need that spark inside your soul that makes you feel INVINCIBLE.

Why can't we go for those dreams? Who is stopping us? The answer is nothing. If you want something, why not go for it. If Papale had never attended the open try-outs that day in Philadelphia....he never could have lived the life he has led. By trying, he got it all. But even if he had not made the team....trying would have been better than to have sat behind the bar and wished.

I believe in reaching for the stars. If you only land on the moon....well that is damn good. To just sit and life happen to you is a sure map to disappointment. Find something that you desire and go for it. Even if you do not get it, you will have tried.

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