Sunday, September 02, 2012

Notice People and Help Them With Something

My friend Tim Tyrell-Smith has a post on his Tim's Strategy blog that got me thinking.  His post is called "Three Good Deeds: Going Noticed".

Many people go through their day being UN-noticed. No one pays much attention as you proceed in your daily activities. Yes, those that you planned to meet with or talk with along the way are aware of your presence, but most who cross our path work hard not to make eye contact.

Tim tells three stories of how he "noticed" those around him one day. You should understand that Tim is a nice guy who cares about people, so I am not surprised by his kind actions.  But aren't most people nice? Don't most of us care about others?  Sure, there are some jerks out there, but even they often think they are nice.

In a recent conversation with a new friend who is very successful in his career and his life -  he said he was adamant that the more he gives, the more he gets.  I concur.  People often tell me they are frustrated that they can't "get a break"... but upon deeper discussion it becomes clear they rarely go out of their way to serve others. We live in a busy world and the pressure to get our own stuff done can be overwhelming.  But if we want others to do for us, we should show them what we mean through our own actions.

My friend Neen James (who is a fantastic speaker and productivity consultant) says she never lets her head hit the pillow without referring someone to another person who could benefit from that person's services. That is 365 outbound referrals a year (maybe she takes Christmas day off... but I doubt it!). She does not receive nearly that many inbound referrals... but she get a ton of business sent her way and everyone who knows Neen sings her praises.

We are all busy.  I am busy.  But the more we give, the more we get... even if the gift we end up with is that feeling of knowing we did the right thing.  Make somebody feel significant.  We all want to feel that way, but we cannot be significant alone in a field.  We need each other.  I call this "Cooperative Significance".  When you make other know their value.. you, too, find significance. 

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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