Sunday, September 23, 2012

Justine's Restaurant in Austin

A few weeks ago we asked a few friends for great restaurant suggestions.  With busy travel schedules, running our own businesses, kids activities, and general "life"-- we do not get out to dinner too often, and with many new places in Austin.... we did not know were to start.

A couple of people recommended Justine's Brasserie in East Austin.  Since Sara is a fan of French Food, we decided to try this bistro on 5th Street.

However, on the day we were going to go to dinner.....our plans changed (as plans will do), so we put Justine's on hold for a nice dinner out (sans kids) for Sara's Birthday.

Last night we had our date night, and Justine's was fantastic.  They do not take reservations for parties under six, so they recommended arriving before 6:30.  We were seated right away (we chose indoors, but in retrospect outside would have been better as the weather was nice and inside was loud).

The food was great, atmosphere nice (except the very loud music, which cause all the people to talk at a high volume) and we had a lot of fun.

Our server, JT, was AMAZING.  She made us feel welcome, and added to the restaurant experience.  Her friendly attitude never made us feel rushed (even as the long wait for tables appeared outside).  She brought our bottle of wine and poured both glasses with the traditional "taste".  I commented that I liked this move, as opposed to just having the man (or host) taste the wine.  I thought it made everyone part of the decision (although I have never remembered sending a bottle back, so it is a bit silly to do anyway).  The Paul Mas Malbec was great, by the way.

We both started with Escargots and French Onion Soup.  Sara had the Bolognaise and I ate the scallops.  There was no room for dessert, but I am sure it was all great.  The food did not disappoint.  It was really good.  A nice choice for a birthday dinner!

I do not often blog about food or restaurants... but this place inspired me (but their website is weird and hard to figure out).

Have A Great Day.

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