Friday, September 07, 2012

Cool Things My Friends Do - Marc Miller Gives Career Advice To Baby Boomers

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their work and personal lives.   

Marc Miller is a baby boomer who is not waiting silently for retirement.  Marc is blazing a path forward and helping others deal with the changes in the world of work.

His career journey included 22 years at IBM, several thriving tech startups, a painful stint as a high school teacher, a gig raising funds for the Jewish Community Association of Austin and a near fatal bicycle accident that changed his perspective forever.

On a July morning in 2002, he was riding his bicycle and hit a car head on where the combined speeds exceeded 50 mph. After five days in a trauma center he was up on crutches, within ten weeks was back on a bicycle, and four months later was traveling internationally on business after surviving an accident that has a 10% survival rate. That gave him a new perspective on life.

Today Marc Miller is the founder of CareerPivot.  He consults with Baby Boomers who are unsure of what they desire from their careers, and helps them find their passion.  Many feel trapped in their jobs and are unsure and overwhelmed by the thought of change.  

I have been very impressed with the precision and planning that Marc has put into launching his company.  He deeply cared about doing it right, and cares even more about his clients.  He has become a leading authority on the subject of Baby Boomers and their future in the workforce.  

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James said...

That's an inspirational story! A lot of people wouldn't be able to just dust themselves on and do what Marc has done. Credit to him!