Monday, February 13, 2012

TEDx Austin 2012 - Jeremy Courtney

There were many great speakers on the agenda at the TEDx Austin 2012 event. In talking with other attendees the cool observation is that different people had their souls touched by different parts of the program. The whole experience was one that was designed to resonate no matter the learning style.

There were a few presentations that I will not soon forget. As a professional speaker and corporate trainer I am equally interested in a speaker's ability to connect with an audience and how they captivate the mind. I have long professed that just because someone is smart, or has done something cool -- it does not mean they belong on the stage. At TEDx Austin everyone was smart, cool, authentic AND they belonged right there at this time and place!

Jeremy Courtney, founder of "The Preemptive Love Coalition", was one of the ones that stood out. Jeremy is from Austin, but lives in Iraq. His life's mission is helping children born with heart conditions in this war torn country find the medical assistance that they need. There is a high number of kids with heart issues in this part of the world, and not enough doctors to treat them all. His organization brings kids to Istanbul to get treatment, brings international doctors to Iraq to perform surgery, and also trains local doctors on how to save lives.

His whole premise of "Preemptive Love" hit a chord that goes beyond this mission. So many people in the world are looking to "get" the other person before they "get" them. They are looking to take, take, take,..... win, win, win. But what if we simply acted out of love first? Love and generosity can break down the walls of hate and mistrust.

Jeremy's presentation was both educational and transformational. He closed by challenging the audience to find their own way to extend "preemptive love" this week. I donated to his cause, as what he is doing is more than saving children... it is changing the world.

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