Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Presentation Skills Training For Austin Technology / Engineering Companies

Speaking in public has become a necessity for career advancement, but many still dread having to address an audience. I can assist people in understanding how to improve their speaking skills and become more comfortable with presentations. 

Technology workers (engineers, programmers, designers, etc....) and others find themselves being called on to explain the features and benefits of their products in a variety of internal and external meetings and conferences, often without any formal training in the art of public speaking.  In several industries poor presentations are expected, and those who are speaking make up for their lack of skills by adding more data and shrinking the font on the PowerPoint slides. Yet audiences desire and deserve more.  

I have seen employees passed over for promotions because of their inability to communicate and witnessed founders of companies being replaced by investors with a more eloquent leader.  These scenarios need not be the norm inside technology companies, as everyone can enhance their speaking style.  The commitment takes time, and there is nothing that can be done without an intentional effort toward improvement by all involved.

Speaking is a learned skill, and should not be scary. I coach individuals or small groups to set a plan for constant improvement. Together we work closely in the preparation of presentations, the creation of memorable stories, style and appearance, PowerPoint and handouts, and audience participation. Video reviews of presentations will lead to actionable ideas and guidance on how to take presentations to the next level. 

The goal is not to transform everyone in the company into a professional speaker or teach them to channel Tony Robbins.  Instead we can create an ongoing learning curve and a culture of embracing the power of the spoken word, while allowing each person to find their own style.  A tech company whose employees' oratories are slightly better than their competition will hold a stand-out position at all conferences and trade shows where they present.

The onset of social media has taken the focus away from the importance of personal communications, but the more we move online the more critical off-line activities are to individuals and companies.

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