Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Helping Others Succeed Keeps You Employed

Could the people who hire you switch to a competitor and not miss you? Could your boss replace you and have no hiccups in their business?

Are you important to the success of others? Are you relevant to their business plan? Do they know that you help them succeed?

If your product or service is a commodity (or the clients can mistakenly think you are a commodity) then you have to do more than "your job" if you want to keep your job.

Seek ways to provide value beyond what you are charging. Have an interest in people, and let them see that you care about them as a person. Go deep in your empathy.

I worked with a vendor who clearly only saw our relationship as one where I paid them for services. I tried to establish a more meaningful friendship, as there was the opportunity for long term work (and referrals), but they were all business. They were also replaceable. That company no longer gets my money.

Concentrate on creating and cultivating meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships and you will get both the work and the joy of being an important part of the lives of others.

Be "all business" and you will have a lot of "transactions". You will also have to work much harder on finding new clients, as your current ones will eventually move on to your competition.

Have A Great Day.


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