Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution - Could YOU Start Your Own Revolution?

Friday concluded the television show "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" on ABC. The series featured a celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, on a one man crusade to teach the people of Huntington, PA to eat better foods. He focused on Huntington because it was labeled the most unhealthy place in America. He then spent much of the show uncovering the horrible processed foods that are being served in the schools. The ingredients in the chicken nuggets and burgers, and the high levels of sugar were shocking.

Oliver had done this before, as he is credited with getting major changes in the school meals in his native United Kingdom, with a similar television show. It is no secret that Americans do not live a healthy lifestyle, and Oliver thinks change is possible: "I believe that every child in America has the right to fresh, nutritious school meals, and that every family deserves real, honest, wholesome food." He is right.

The show was informative and gross at the same time. Interestingly my kids have decided to skip the school meals for over a month and have had their mom make them lunches without processed foods. Around our house we try to avoid many pre-packaged meals with ingredients that cannot be pronounced. We strive for fresh meat and vegetables at the main portions (It helps that my wife is a great cook and the author of the "Mad at Martha Cookbook"), thus our children were not surprised at just how bad for them processed foods can be. But on the television show the families featured had no idea what they were eating in their meals. All the food was tan (no green or other colors...ick).

What struck me most about the show was the passion of the host. Jamie Oliver was not faking his enthusiasm for teaching the citizens of Huntington about nutrition. His from the heart desire to be a catalyst for change actually had an impact. Granted, once he was gone, many people (and the school board) went back to frozen processed foods, they did so with trepidation. Many of those featured on the show who embraced his focus on better eating showed health improvements and lost weight.

What are you passionate about? Does your cause impact others? Could you start a revolution? I believe anyone can impact change. You do not need to be a celebrity or create a reality TV show to be a catalyst for change, just passion.

I see people everyday who are passionate in their work to impact others who are catapulted to the top. Thus it is a win / win situation. They help others and are both financially and emotionally satisfied in their careers. If you are not living your dream in your work, then you need to look closely at your passions. Find ways to transition yourself from someone who is in a rut to someone who is leading a revolution.

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