Sunday, December 07, 2008

"Celebrating Austin Entrepreneurship Project" - GamePlan

GamePlan is a strategic marketing and advertising agency that redefines the way that marketing communications are performed for a successful integrated campaign. They specialize in using new media and viral tactics that are incorporated into events, sponsorships, guerrilla marketing, word-of-mouth, entertainment and alternative reality platforms designed to leave an indelible brand impression on a target audience.

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The company's CEO and founder Tim Hayden, and the rest of the team, are considered national thought leaders in the "Experiential Marketing" arena. More than an "event marketing firm", GamePlan takes a unique approach to customize each engagement to ensure that the client's results produce both ROI and a memorable impact for all involved.

is one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs with whom to discuss business theory. A true visionary, he understands the changes that technology and the internet bring to his clients - without throwing away the cornerstones of traditional business practices that are still relevant to success. He is not one of these "flash in the pan" entrepreneurs who tend to throw out the baby with the bath water (yes, a cliche, but it is the right example!).

Tim enjoys being an entrepreneur because of the control of his own destiny. "While I may have a team that is accountable for GamePlan's overall performance, I can only look in the mirror on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons to hold myself responsible for our direction and ultimate position of success (or failure)" says Hayden. "There's no one above me to blame or credit. The liberty, the responsibility and the opportunity to be at the helm of innovation are the purist of joys found in my life of an entrepreneur".

As for living and working in Austin, he adds; "There is no greater city than Austin for starting a new business. I have a roster of coffee shop mentors that I'm certain would not grant me access or time if I was in New York, San Francisco or Dallas.

"Being the Live Music Capital of the World, home to so many politicos and having 125,000 college students within 30 miles of downtown makes for an atmosphere rich with diverse ideas and a 'hell-yeah, why-not' attitude. This all has led me to be confident that there is a willingness to share experience and guidance in Austin like few other places on the planet.

Tim Hayden and GamePlan are another example of the entrepreneurial spirit that continues to lead Austin toward a brighter tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Tim Rocks! 'nuf said...

Thank YOU Tim for being one of my coffee shop mentors.

Happy Networking!


AndyEye said...

Nice article. Tim is a great entrepreneur and mentor. Like many business leaders in Austin, Tim doesn't just take advantage of the "coffee shop mentors" in the area, he gives back as well. I've personally benefited from introductions, ideas and guidance Tim has provided.

Andrew Eye
COO Ciphent Inc.