Monday, December 01, 2008

Celebrate Austin Entrepreneurship Project - Goldwasser Real Estate

When we think of hot Austin start-ups and entrepreneurship we do not often think of the Real Estate Industry! However, last week my friend Chad Goldwasser announced that his real estate team was leaving Keller Williams and was launching a brand new national brokerage firm: Goldwasser Real Estate.

With the horrible state of the economy and the residential real estate business struggling, many would shy away from stepping out on their own. But not Chad. He is a visionary who sees this as the perfect time to launch a new model real estate company that can change the national real estate business.

Chad has consistently been one of Keller Williams top agents and the leader of the top team of agents in Austin.

Over the past 10 years, the real estate industry has been hurt by an influx of under-qualified agents looking to make a quick buck in a profession that emphasized volume and commissions over quality service to their clients. Consequently, many home buyers and sellers have been frustrated with the lack of consistency, service and market knowledge of real estate agents, ranking them just above used car salesmen. Goldwasser Real Estate seeks to transform the industry by moving away from the prevalent franchise-based brokerage structure to a service-based model that offers agents unprecedented training, revamped compensation packages, and powerful tools and technology that enable them to provide extraordinary value to home buyers and sellers.

"We want to be the Nordstrom of the real estate world in terms of quality and service and the General Electric in terms of systemization," said Goldwasser. "Goldwasser Real Estate balances these two ideals to create a unique value proposition for our clients, partners, agents and employees."

Chad is also working with me on the newest book in the "Some Assembly Required" series: "Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide for Real Estate Professionals" (New Year Publishing, 2009).

I expect to see big things from Goldwasser Real Estate. It is in down economies that great companies are born. Chad and Tara Goldwasser, along with their business partner, Greg Cooper, have stepped out into new territory... and I am proud that they are here in Austin, Texas! They are a good example of how entrepreneurs face a tough economy head-on.

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Anonymous said...

This influx of under qualified agents are on their way to training.The truth about selling real estate properties is that you know how to deal clients and as long as you can sell these stuffs ,you are no less than a qualified real estate agent.

Anonymous said...

I agree,acquiring a real estate property should be meticulous.The agents represent the properties they are selling.That's why real estate agents should know their products ,up and down .