Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Celebrate Austin Entrepreneurship Project" - ABJ Tech Innovation Awards

The month of December I am dedicating this blog to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. I am focusing on Austin based companies, since I live here - but the world is populated with amazing people who have vision to create businesses and change the world.

Today's blog post was made easy thanks to the Austin Business Journal who hosted their 2nd annual "Tech Innovation Awards". Thirty-six companies were nominated for the awards and over 150 people attended the breakfast. The big mistake was made by those who did not attend the event, as this was a great gathering of some of Austin's most brilliant entrepreneurs.

The winners:

Luminex Corporation, Patrick Balthrop (Healthcare / Biotech category)

HelioVolt, Dr. BJ Stanberry & Dr. Louay Eldada (Clean Energy / Environment category)

Nuventix, Mick Wilcox (Clean Energy / Enviroment category)

Vircion Inc., Peter Walker (Gaming category)

Gemalto, Ashish Malpani (Hardware category)

OnNetworks, Jen Grogono (Internet category)

Click Forensics, Paul Pellman (Internet category)

ADRevolution, Andrew Westmoreland (Software category)

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners. They are the perfect examples of what makes entrepreneurship great. Even in tough economic times it is the people who work in these growth oriented business who pave the way for the successes of tomorrow.

Have A Great Day.


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