Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Talk Radio Show - Week #5 - Jason Alba of JibberJobber

Please take the time to listen to this week's radio show blog podcast. Jason Alba of JibberJobber is my guest and he does a great job of explaining why networking is important to anyone looking for a job, anyone who has a job, and anyone who may one day be looking for a job (that is everyone who is not independently wealthy or retired!).

The interview lasts thirty minutes, and you will want to hear it all.

Click Here. (NOTE: once you get to the site, do not hit play, the recording will start in a few seconds automatically. If you hit play you will get dual tracks playing at the same time!).

Have A Great Day.


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Katie Konrath said...

Hi Thom, I really enjoyed your interview of Jason Alba. And as you suggested in the interview, I came back to your blog to leave a comment.

I agree with both you and Jason that blog comments are a great way to connect with bloggers and get their attention. Over the past couple months, I've spent a lot of time reading blogs, and I try to leave a comment every time I read something interesting.

I've found that it really works very well. There have been many times that I've gotten into great, thought-provoking conversations with a blogger, and it's especially rewarding to find someone with ideas I want to build off of.

Without comments, blogging feels to me like writing in a secret notebook. Comments not only challenge me to meet others, but also to develop my own thinking.