Wednesday, September 05, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #32

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Why Write A Blog

In the complicated online world, there are so many places to have a presence. I have found in talking with people that many are confused by all of the social networking Web 2.o interactive options, that they simply avoid them all.

Many business professionals have chosen LinkedIn as the social networking site of choice, but what do they really do with it? The problem with MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc... is that once the masses of people discover these sites, the party is over. Too many people pollute the ecosystem by jumping in without regard as to what online social networking is really about. They create fake personas for marketing purposes (when fictional TV characters have MySpace pages we are losing touch with reality) or they are simply "link collectors" with no real life connections to those whom they claim as "friends".

(Side note: Plaxo's Pulse is a new service that I think might have it figured out, although I have only recently discovered it. It allows you to tie together many of your online social networking and Web 2.0 services together in one convenient spot. Most importantly, they encourage you to only include "REAL" friends whom you actually know personally in your list of contacts, as to not weaken the power of the business relationships. I think we will all see great things out of Plaxo Pulse in the future!)

I think that the most effective way to have a presence on the internet is to have a blog. There are some who argue that blogging has become passe, and that everyone important is moving to "Twitter", but the two are not mutually exclusive. A blog gives the author the power to cover the topics of their choice, and the community of readers will continue to come back if they are engaged. It is also the best tool I have ever found to help an individual or a business to cultivate their brand.

Seth Godin, who writes one of the world's most popular blogs, claims he would write his blog even if nobody read it (millions read his blog!). Why would he do this? Because there is more to the blog experience than just the adoring fans. In fact, most active bloggers will agree that their blog effects them in a variety of positive ways.

I have found that my blog has given me the following benefits:

*It has made me a better writer

*I have met new people who read my blog and write their own blogs

*It provides me with draft material for other articles and books I write

*Creates search engine optimization so people can find me on-line

*Positions me as an expert

*Is a conversation starter in the business world

If you would like to have an online presence, you may want to consider starting your own blog. One thing, however, do not do this unless you are willing to post three to four times a week. The blogosphere is littered with dead blogs founded by people who thought it would be easy, but then tired of their project. To be a blogger means that you have to post on a regular basis.

Embrace your blog and have fun. This will allow you to establish and online reputation that can be unparalleled.

Have A Great Day.


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