Sunday, September 09, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #33

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success


Do Not Do Everything The Same Way That Other People Do It.

Look At Your Life

And Make Sure You


a "ME TOO", copy-CAT



Boom. wammo.

Kazam. SPWINGSHLOP. Kapowee.

Zoom. POP. SHLOOWKY. Dingo-Bingo. Kirplunk.

Do you know what I am trying to say here? I am giving you permission to break the mold and try something out of the ordinary. Too often we get caught up in doing everything the same way as our friends or the competition and working to not draw any attention to ourselves. While you do not want to go too far over the line and be massively bizarre just to be different (we all know those people!), you should realize that hiding in sameness will not produce your desired results.

I struggle with this, but I know first hand that when I try new things is when success follows. The efforts to stretch my own limits brings the attention (good and bad) which leads to opportunity. When I find myself staying with the pack, nothing ever happens.

Get in touch with your inner soul. Discover your brilliance. Find a way to sparkle in a vanilla world. Allow the inner waves of creativity to bathe your brain, and then let it ooze outside of your mental cocoon. We can all benefit from being in sync with our own unique ability to think outside of the conventional wisdom.

This is not easy. A conformist mentality is a comfortable place to reside. To be more creative we must look for opportunities to push ourselves toward new challenges. Reading a variety of materials and searching for the inspiration is the start. Others with different points of view can be the key if we are open minded enough and not be judgmental. Make new friends from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, and political parties. Look for ways to draw seeming separate items together to create something new.

Observe everything in your environment and do not be frightened to mix things up.

Have A Great Day.


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