Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Greatest Show On Earth

The kids did not know that we were going to the circus last night. We surprised them. Being a kid and finding out that you are going to the circus in ten minutes is a pretty big deal. Smiles, giggles, anticipation. Pure joy!

And yes, it was The Greatest Show on Earth!!! The Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus has come a long way in thirty years since my cousin and her husband, Patrick and Eileen McDermott, took me to see the show (I don't know that I ever properly said "Thank You" to them... I mean, come-on, I was twelve...but I always have remembered that night!!!).

The success of this circus is in their ability to morph with the times. This was not the "three ring circus" of yesterday, in fact, there was no rings at all. The show was a multi-media experience and the action never stopped.

Remember the cliche of "Circus Freaks"???? No more, the clowns all looked like kids who grew up and left the skate park to join the circus. The were not the fat, old, prat falling clowns that I recall. These were cool and hip acrobats in face paint. Oh yes, and they how have hot young women dancers who work with the clowns to keep the crowd engaged (like cheerleaders with elephants).

How many businesses can continue to grow and thrive for over 135 years and still be relevant? Many can't remain relevant with their audience for five years! How about you? Is your business able to change with the times and re-invent your show? Or do you just keep doing everything the same way?

Law firms, banks, accountants and others seem to try to avoid change. Those that are thriving are the ones who embrace the new world and focus on how to make their business The Greatest Show on Earth! Take some time today to examine how your company is like the circus. Do you leave your audience saying "Wow". If not, why not?

When I asked my ten year old what was her favorite part of the circus, she immediately knew it was the white tigers and the motorcycles (how seven motorcycles can all ride at full speed in a big metal ball without an accident was amazing). As their target market, my kids were engaged and could instantly repeat what made the circus great. If I asked your clients what makes your product of service "great"...would they know?

Have a great day.


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