Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finding Your Way In The World Today

As the theme song from the classic television show, Cheers, so eloquently states:

Finding Your Way In The World Today Takes Everything You Got!

Life is hard. We all long for the good old days, but if you could go back in time and ask my was hard a century ago, too. Humans have faced difficulties and adversities for as long as we have roamed this beautiful planet Earth. Today's challenges are different, and I do not want to argue the point of who had it easier (our grandparents or ourselves).

Living in 2007 is not easy. There are so many uncertainties that cloud our world, that we can miss the wonderful parts of being. Confusion, fear, financial worries, social conflicts, and personal issues have the ability to take over our vision of reality. Many people just feel lost.

I talked yesterday with a friend about his job. He has a great job with a Fortune 500 corporation. He has industry knowledge and experience, and he contributes to the success of his department. When I asked him about work, he just sighed. "Ohhhhhhh Hmmmmmmm, It's okay". There was not passion. Not a trace of "Umph!". he is just going through the career motions to support his children. He knows in his heart that he should be doing more with his life, but is trapped.

I find this to be rampant in America. We were brought up to believe that we live in the land of opportunity. We were raised to believe that each of us has within us the seeds of greatness that can impact the future of mankind. I think all that optimism has left many people feeling underwhelmed with the life they find themselves leading. How disappointing to have the seeds of greatness, only to find that they never sprouted.

The celebrity obsessed media constantly shows us images of the Hollywood rich and famous romping along all the nicest beaches and resorts on the planet. Those who know nothing of financial boundaries are plastered across television, magazines, websites and newspapers living unrealistic lives, that the rest of us must measure ourselves against. How unfair.

I am on a path toward discovery. I have made it my mission to find my way in the world. That does not mean I have the map, instead I am still slashing my way about in the heavy brush looking for a trail that was left by someone before me on a similar journey. I know that sitting still will not lead me toward anything. I cannot bare the thought of just being stagnant. Even movement in the wrong direction can lead me toward salvation.

Nobody can find their way alone. You need to have others to support you in your efforts, and still others who will hike along with you for a portion or all of your quest. This is why it is important to have a network. Your personal and professional networks are the ones who help you when you feel bewildered by life. One never knows whom might come along and show you the map, or a piece of the map, that leads you to greatness.

If you feel that you too are lost, but searching for your way.....reach out to others. Admit to yourself and others that you are a seeker. You will encounter people who will enthusiastically guide you to the next station in your life....whatever that might be.

When you see others who are looking....and you know the way....share it with them. While some will not welcome your seasoned advice, others will know that you have the experience and knowledge they desire. And how special it feels when someone tells you, as a new friend told me last week, "you came along at just the right time in my life". Wow.

Thank you to my family and friends, without whom I would have no motivation to explore and seek. Thank you to all who have read my books. And Thank you to those who visit this blog, who comment, and who send me emails. Each of you share with me in my journey. Hang in there, we still have a long way to go.

Have A Great Day.



JibberJobber Guy said...

Thom, this is a really significant post. I love networking, and all the personal empowerment stuff. But when it comes down to it, we need to understand a purpose, and for me (and I know you, too) this means there is a higher being involved.

Thanks for bringing this back to reality, I think it's like the pink elephant that is too often ignored.

Jason Alba

Pete Monfre said...

Great article Thom. You've inspired me (again). Thank you.

Pete Monfre
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