Friday, June 15, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #9

Excel In Your Field, Regardless Of Your Industry

Regardless of the industry you work, someone is at the top. It might as well be you!!!

There are few things that will help you achieve mind-share faster than doing good work. I have always stated that good networking skills cannot replace delivering a quality work product. It is not a contest between networking and hard work, you need visibility AND credibility.

Talent will help spread the word to your prospective clients that you are the "Go-To" person in your field of expertise. But it is not enough.

The mistake that many professionals make is that they think that having a good product or service will eliminate their need to network.....Or they think that having a strong network will cover up a weak product. NOPE. The two work hand in hand.

You need to excel in your field of expertise or all the networking in the world will leave you as a fraud. Likewise you need to network or you are wasting your talent and leaving money on the table.

This applies to any profession. For as long as I can remember the top morning radio show in Austin has been the ensemble cast of the JB and Sandy Show on Mix 94.7. These guys have been doing this show for over a decade, and along with their team, they entertain a large portion of the Austin community every day. They have achieved a balance between a quality product (the show is comparable to hanging out with old friends who are always willing to share a funny story) and having a local and national network that helps them continuously deliver the ratings.

It is clear to the fans that JB and Sandy know that their success is dependent on more than just their celebrity. They are active in the local community and involved in a variety of worthy causes. I had the pleasure to meet JB at the TEXCHANGE dinner this week (he is a friend of Tim Sanders), and he is the same nice guy one hears on the radio during the daily commute.

So regardless of if you are a lawyer, banker, accountant, consultant or disk jockey....Dedicate the necessary time to properly know all that you can about your industry. Make sure clients and co-workers understand that you have the necessary training and experience to service their complex needs. Then be sure to execute on your promised outcome. And along the way... be nice to everyone. Sure, you will encounter some jerks, but don't let the bad guys get you down!

In the end, word of mouth is fueled by a quality product or service and vice versa.

Have A Great Day.


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