Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Triumph Over A Bad Day

Even the most motivated business professionals sometimes lose their steam. Nobody is in a great mood everyday. I imagine that even motivational gurus (think Tony Robbins) sometimes just want stay in bed with the covers pulled over their head.

Being in a funk is inevitable. I know, it happens to me....although I am usually quite upbeat. I normally wake up early with a lot of enthusiasm (this annoys my wife!) and do not let the negativity in the world upset me. I smile often.

However, sometimes I get worn out from all that I do with my job, my family, my books (my second book is now complete and will be released in March), speaking gigs, travel, exercise, friends, etc.... There are nights when I come home and wish I could just go to bed and sleep for 12 hours.

When you feel overwhelmed and just do not have the energy to attack the world with vigor, this is when you need to do three things:

1. Don't give in to apathy. Fight through these feelings. To roll up in a ball and give-in might feel good at the time, but you will regret it later. When you have responsibilities you need to make sure that you get them done. Put on a smile (even if you are faking it) and get your work done.

2. Be organized about what needs to get done. I do not always make extensive lists or strict schedules, but when you are not working at your peak potential you must be focused. To not be organized will cause you to miss things that you need to accomplish.

3. Plan some personal time. I rarely have any "Me Time" away from my normal activities and responsibilities...but I realize that I need some to recharge my soul. Regardless of what you like to do for fun, be sure to make it a priority. It will give you something to look forward to. Every year I have "Boys Weekend" with two friends from college. We usually go on a five day ski trip (this year they came to Austin for a short weekend) and I look forward to this all year. Additionally, a few hours on a Saturday to read the paper or a book can do wonders for my attitude. Know what it is that you like to do and then do it.

My grandmother used to say "Don't let the bad guys get you down". I can't say I know many "bad guys", but I do know that stuff in life will occasionally try to break your spirit. Be prepared and triumph over a bad day!

Have A Great Day.


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