Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Parade - Competition Assault Day


End to the work week.

Business casual day.

The weekend has arrived.

All thing are happy on Friday.

It is Competition Assault Day.

What? Competition Assault Day??? Huh??

Yep. Friday is the day each week that your team needs to take action to do something....anything... to out perform your competition. This is the day you call all their clients to schedule an appointment, host an amazing educational seminar, send cupcakes, or drive around and hand deliver ten dollar Starbuck's gift cards to those you want to know better.

I know, you are saying "I should do that everyday!". Yes, you should. But do you? Probably not. Thus, you need to get your whole staff excited about Competition Assault Day. Make it fresh, make it fun, but make it happen.

Creativity on getting noticed is what it is all about. All employees should input ideas that can lead to total market domination.

How fun would Friday be if everyone came to work wearing army fatigues? If that is too wacky for you, then maybe you just print out your competitors logo and put it on a dart board. At lunch everyone gets one shot at the bulls-eye...winner getting a prize. Would everyone go back to their desk with a new feeling of competition that they did not have earlier?

You can't sit and wait for victory, you need to have a tactical plan and then storm the castle.

Go on the offensive, if not all the time, then do it on Friday.

Have A Great Competition Assault Day.


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1 comment:

Debra Helwig said...

You've hit on a critical point with this fabulous idea: when you make an initiative FUN, people are much more inclined to participate. My mind is just overflowing with ideas about how a professional service firm could make this work. Thanks for lighting a fire under ME on a Friday morning!