Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Sales Tale

I enjoy the viral aspect of the internet. Because of people passing along links to other blogs I have been blessed with reading many inspiring and interesting stories...but few as great as the link I have posted for you below.

I got an email from a lawyer named Bryan. I met him at an engagement party some great friends of mine who will soon get married. After we met, Bryan started reading this blog, and two days ago he sent me a link that he thought I would enjoy. He had found the story posted on A VC Blog, and sent me both links.

Bryan's gut instinct that I would LOVE this story was right on the money. In might be one of the most inspiring business development stories I have ever read.

It is a long blog post, so if you click on the link below you need to be prepared to read for a couple of minutes (blog scanners beware!). But if your job requires you to develop new need know that being tenacious is the only way to win.

Andy Monfried writes a blog called "You Aint Gonna Learn What You Don't Want To Know", and on Valentine's Day he wrote a long post about a life changing sale that launched his career into the stratosphere. It is a wonderful example to everyone about creativity and long-term relationship selling.

Click Here. You will enjoy the read. Thanks Mr. Monfried, I think you are my hero.

Have A Great Day.


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