Saturday, February 17, 2007

Text Messages Are Flying

Boys night out with two old friends from college. Even after 20 years it is still fun to hang out with your buddies, drink a few beers and tell stories.

One friend is newly divorced and I learned tonight about the power of the "text message". He met a very attractive, intelligent woman and they exchanged phone numbers. Within minutes of our leaving the bar, they were texting back an forth.

Not being an experienced "text messenger", I was amazed at how fast they were corresponding. In my single days it took days before the next contact after meeting someone. There were "rules" about how fast you made the follow up call...... Now folks are in touch before the night is over. They agreed to meet for breakfast via text messages.

This is an important lesson for the guy who trains others about networking. The world is a-changing and you gotta keep up. I don't even know how to send a text message (fortunately I am married!)

How will texting effect the world of business networking? Time will tell. Technology is effecting the world of my guess is that it will effect all aspects of relationships in the future.

Your cell phone is becoming a powerful networking tool. It is true for my friend and his breakfast date. I bet it is true for you as well.

Have A Great Day.



Patrick Kilhoffer said...

Clients want to know that you know what you are talking about first, and that you will be available second. If you are competing with strong companies, being available by text message may be the the thing that gets you the account. I frequently have my clients IM me with quick questions and they love the quick answers!

Thom Singer said...

thanks for the comment, Patrick. You are right...the text is fast and easy and allows clients to get immediate response. You are ahead of the curve, but I think soon more and more business correspondance will be sent this way. I carry a blackberry for my job, and have similar reactions to how fast I can answer a clients questions.