Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Living The Dream

Congratulations to my friend, Tripp Segars of South Carolina, who just got accepted to law school.

Tripp is a recent graduate from Clemson University and has had a life-long dream of being a lawyer and pursuing a career serving in the political arena. This is his first step. He is the perfect example of someone who sets their mind to a goal and goes for it....regardless of if it is easy or not.

I foresee great things in Tripp's future. Attorney Segars.....Congressman Segars?.....Senator Segars??....President Segars???? (Hey, why not?)

If you have a dream, are you taking actions to lead you to realizing that dream? Sitting around on your butt will not get you there. You need to be working toward what you desire.

Again, Congratulations to Tripp on this life-changing accomplishment. I am proud to know him. And when he becomes President of the United States in 2040, I hope he will appoint me the Ambassador to Ireland (Hey, why not?)

Have A Great Day.


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