Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to my wife, Sara.

There are no fancy plans for tonight, instead we will have a nice dinner at home with our kids. We stopped going to restaurants on Valentine's Day 15 years ago. That year, our 2nd V-day together, I got the flu. We had to wait four days before we could go out to dinner.

The restaurant was not crowded, there was no wait, and the server was not trying to rush us out the door (servers want you out fast tonight as the more couples who sit at that table, the more tips they will earn).

Our waitress told us that we were better off going to dinner on any other day. In addition to the better service, she said the kitchen is crazy on Valentine's Day, thus you get a better meal on a normal evening.

We have never gone out on February 14th again. We will still do a date night this week (dinner and a movie on Saturday), but why battle the craziness of a manufactured holiday.

The great news is that my wife fully agrees. She also does not ever want jewelery as a gift. Yep, it is true. This is just one more of the bazillion reasons I know I married well.

Have A Great Day.


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