Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Implode The Past and Start Fresh

In the height of the technology boom Intel Corporation began construction of large, ten-story office building in downtown Austin. They had grand plans of expanding their corporate footprint in the Texas technology hot spot. But alas, boom lead to bust, and Intel stopped construction of their building with only a shell of concrete raising five stories above 5th and San Antonio Streets.

For the over 6 years the unfinished building has been an ugly reminder of the better days for the technology industry in Austin. While the local economy recovered, the Intel Building has remained a blemish on skyline of one of the most dynamic cities in the country.

The land was sold and a planned new federal courthouse will be build on the spot.

But first, they had to bring down the skeleton of what might have been. The building, which was never finished, brought national media attention to its explosive end on Sunday morning. Everyone loves to watch the planned demolition of a building. But as soon as the dust cleared, the spectators were gone, and the rubble remains until crews can wipe the slate clean.

Wouldn't it be great if we could erase past mistakes in our own lives as easily as an implosion? Just the push of a button could forever clear away the rubble of our past.

Once the empty lot is cleared of the debris, new construction will erase all memories of the Intel Building. Nobody will look at the new courthouse and recall the pile of twisted metal and concrete that is there today.

Not so easy in the life of a person, but if you don't dwell on your past, most others wont either. As for those who revel in others shortcomings, screw them. We all have made mistakes. I believe that, in most cases, everyone deserves the opportunity to dynamite the past into oblivion. The real proof is in your current actions!

Have you ever known someone who can't get beyond a career failure? They do not allow themselves to clear away the past. Is that person you??? I say, just bulldoze it all to the side and start the new construction. The skyline of your life will soon have a new landmark.

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Thom Singer said...

Comment Deleted.

A reader left a comment about the history of the Intel Building and sited issues with a specific local politican.

This blog is not a political venue (exept for MY political views, which even I rarely address on this blog), and since I have no actual knowledge of this politician and his dealings, I did not feel appropriate publishing the comment.

However, I do wish to thank the reader who left the comment....it was just not the right venue.

(note, the politician whom was named is of the oposite political party from my own views...so my decision to not post the comment was not to protect anyone...it was soley because I do not know anything about the issues, and since this is not a political blog, I felt it unfair).