Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Parade - Seven Random Airport Observations

I flew to Washington DC this week for a presentation on networking skills to a top tier law firm. I had to change planes in Dallas (From Austin, Texas you cannot die and go to heaven without changing planes). There was a delay, so I had plenty of time in the terminal to people watch. I wrote down the following random observations:

1. People are not friendly. Everyone just looks rushed and grumpy. Even when you try to smile at them, they just look away. This is sad.

2. The health food craze has not found its way into the DFW terminal. I am hungry, but after having seen the documentary "Super Size Me", I cannot ever again eat at McDonalds. I could eat a pretzel, yogurt, or ManchuWok...none of which will do the trick. I will just skip eating.

3. When they make a gate change announcement people run (well, walk fast) to the next gate, even though there will be more than an hour until we board the plane (and it is only from Gate A32 to A 20). Maybe they need the exercise after eating at McDonald's.

4. A young businessman on his cell phone is talking too loudly about the woman he met last night on his business trip. He is wearing a wedding ring, so I am assuming he is not sharing these details with his wife. Jerk.

5. Airports should invest in better PA systems. I cannot understand a damn thing they are saying. Too bad the guy on the cell phone is not talking over the PA...I really don't want to hear about his exploits.

6. I have no fashion sense. All these business travelers have really nice overcoats. Maybe because I live in a warm climate (well, most of the time), I don't need a stylish overcoat, and thus survive with my basic beige coat. Fashion is not my strong suit.

7. Who ever invented the rolling suitcase is a genius. I hope he or she patented this brilliant thing and made billions of dollars. He deserves it. When I was a kid we had to carry suitcases.

Have A Great Day.


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Cory Garrison said...

8. You can tell immediately who are the experienced travelers and who are the novices. The novices typically are frantic and anger easily at the new (5 years old now) rules. The veterans usually just go about their business.

9. Airports today are more like shopping malls than airports.

Thom Singer said...


Your observations are right on the money. Thank you for adding to the conversation.


Anonymous said...

I noticed a similar thing at the HEB the other night. Everyone looks 'angry at the world', harried, and just bothered to even be there when walking up and down the aisles. I also could not believe the number of people 'tuning out the world' with Ipods/headphones. I thought the grocery store used to be the 'center of the community'. I tried saying 'hello' to a few people and think all that I got were a few grunts. At least the cashier was friendly!!! Keep up the great blog. -- Dan Naden