Sunday, February 04, 2007

Networking Carnival - 5th Edition

February Networking Carnival brings us some great posts from some great bloggers.

This month brought the most submissions to the Networking Carnival since it began five months ago - but it also drew a huge number of spam submissions (posts that do not relate to the topic or were commercials for specific products). I deleted those and only picked the ones that will bring benefit to the readers.


David Maister has a pod cast on "Relationships and Romance - new careers podcast episode"

Kent Blumberg on "Giving to your Network - Face to Face"

Kent Blumbert on "Giving to your Network - Virtually"
Jane May with "Be Ready to Network At All Times"

My friend Dan Naden, who does not have a blog, sent in the below tip:

'How can I help you?'

It is a rarity these days to find people who are truly jazzed about serving others. When networking, you can really stand out from the crowd by asking your colleagues, "How can I help you?" Don't just say it, however -- mean it!!

Shoving your business card or resume down someone's throat does nothing to promote goodwill. Before you start asking that person across from you for help with a job search, business idea, or venture capital, genuinely ask how you can help that person.

If you've helped someone once, keep on giving. The key to establishing time-tested connections is to display a real concern for others time and time again.

My Dad used to tell me the following during my self-centered adolescence: "Daniel, you need to display a little concern for the other guy." Now, I know exactly what he means.

We all have our wants, desires, and goals for the New Year. Helping others to achieve their goals will undoubtedly help you reach yours faster.

Thanks Dan!

And Thank You to everyone for participating in the Networking Carnival.

If you want to host March's edition on your blog, let me know ASAP.

Have A Great Day.


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Great posts! Thanks for hosting the carnival!