Thursday, February 22, 2007

Free Hugs

Walking down the street today on my way back from lunch I encountered a young businessman with a large button on that read; "Free Hugs". It made me laugh, because it was just out of place. He was in his mid twenties, wearing a nice suit, and looked very professional, except for the button.

Laughing, I asked him if he was getting many takers from pretty women? As we crossed the street and walked down the block we joked about this (I was NOT interested in a hug, by the way!). Apparently the button was his grandmothers, and he had just put it on at lunch and left it there. I think the only hug he got was from granny.

I admire a person who can step out of the box and walk down Congress Avenue with a silly button on his lapel. He works for a consulting firm and I predict he will be very successful in his career. Having that mix of professionalism and yet not taking yourself too seriously is a great trait to possess.

The trick for him will be to not lose the fun side of his personality as he gets older. Many people stop allowing there silly self to shine through as they get older and climb the corporate ladder. Life has a way of jading the fun out of us as we get more responsibility (at least while downtown at and around the office).

I challenge every reader of this blog to be a little silly today in honor of the "Free Hug" guy.

Have A Great Day.


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Steve Harper said...

This is a world wide movement inspired by this YouTube Video.

Check it out.

Talk about the ultimate Ripple!

Ripple On my Hugable Brother From Another Mother!