Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ten Tips for Having Enthusiasm in Business (and Life)

Enthusiasm is a funny word.  Some roll their eyes at the topic, while others see it as the secret weapon that separates achievers everyone else.

When working with corporate and association conferences some organizers are wary of the topic of "enthusiasm".  If misunderstood it conjures up images of fluffy motivational rah-rah stuff, but that is not always the case.  Audiences get excited at events when there is a feeling of enthusiastic engagement from all participants. Everyone wants to be part of a community that has awesome connectivity (and I don't mean the wifi access).

In the planning stage of a conference it can seem "touchy-feely" to have a presenter covering a concept that cannot be measured on a spreadsheet, however when butts are in seats the people are longing for a spark of motivation that will get them fired up to take real actions. High level content alone cannot reach the soul.

Enthusiasm is hard to pin down, but those who have it are usually more likely to be recruited for new jobs, receive funding for their companies, or create a movement. The word translates from the Greek "enthousiasmos", ‘possessed by a god, inspired’.  

Inspiration and enthusiasm are in short supply, but when present you know it (because things begin to happen).  I enjoy being around those who live with a higher level of excitement.  What they find inspiring has a way of reaching others.

The word has become my mantra, and clients praise me for "bringing enthusiasm and high energy" to the events where I am a speaker or the master of ceremonies.  I am focused on helping others find their own enthusiasm, as it is paramount to success in our highly competitive world.  I never roll my eyes at people who are enthusiastic.... I reach out to know more about them.

The person who is outwardly enthusiastic has an advantage over their competition, as enthusiasm is contagious and decision makers want to work with people who show their excitement for any project. 

10 Tips for Being Enthusiastic

1. Have a clear goal.  

2. Surround yourself with supportive people.

3. Know what you contribute to your company and clients.

4. Include other people in your activities.

5.  Read, listen and learn.

6.  Remind yourself of your enthusiasm.

7.  Share your excitement with others

8.  Find the good in each person and situation. 

9. Take risks. 

10. Trust your feelings.  Do not over-think every situation. 

Those who have genuine enthusiasm increase the level of excitement in the people around them. Sure, some people are annoyed by those with such conviction and commitment, but those people are the ones who always find the negative.  Do not get distracted by they naysayers.  Connect to your passion and share it with the world.

Make 2015 the year you live with more enthusiasm and see where it takes you in the pursuit of your goals.

Have A Great Day

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