Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Recipe for Referrals -- Jessica Pettitt and "Good Enough Now"

Each week in 2015 I will be trying to refer someone special.  I want these introductions to matter and to have an impact.  This "Recipe for Referrals" is playing out on my blog (here) and in real life.  Each week I try to make sure that I have talked up the business of a person I admire. 

Today I want to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Jessica Pettitt. Through her business, Good Enough Now, Jessica provides change and crisis management, policy and HR development, motivational keynotes, and team engagement. Her premise is this - what if we are good enough now to do the work and make the change we want to see?

If you are working of corporate issues that involve change (and who isn't?), I suggested Jessica and Good Enough Now  could be a strong fit for your needs. And based on what I know of Jessica's impact with clients, I know that you'll get a lot out of connecting with her. 

Here's a little more on Good Enough Now and the philosophy behind Jessica's services.

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Jessica Pettitt

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