Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Austin Sales Training, Presentation Skills, and Meeting Facilitation

Davis / Hill Solutions LLC is a training and consulting firm designed to assist companies in Austin, Texas (and beyond) with staff development courses in sales, leadership, business development, communications, and presentation skills.

When I began speaking professionally four years ago I assumed that I would have a robust training component to my business.  However, in the midst of the recession many companies suspended their employee training programs (thus, I built my business around speaking at conferences and individual coaching). While I often was asked to create in-house corporate classes by those who had seen me speak, it was not an active part of my early business focus.

Today there is a renewed interest in customized classes to educate, inspire and motivate employees.  Additionally, many companies and law firms are finding it useful to bring in outside facilitators to create better engagement in their planning sessions.  I have always enjoyed this component of my work, and am excited to work with a variety of companies across several industries.

Davis / Hill Solutions is a distributor of DiSC Workplace Assessments, and much of the DiSC training methodology and course-ware are utilized in the classes we offer.  Every class is designed with the client's unique staffing framework, and half and full day instruction are available.  

We will be working with a variety of experienced trainers to make sure each client receives the ideal instruction.  Additionally there is a series of public classes being developed in conjunction with local incubators and co-location facilities for entrepreneurial companies and solo-preneurs (more information coming soon!).  

If your team is ready for education and facilitated discussions to move your company closer to their potential, I look forward to talking with you soon.

Have A Great Day.

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Anonymous said...

Good things to keep in mind for our future sales meetings. Thanks for sharing.

Serge said...

Teams would surely enjoy a smoother flow of communication after they get to learn about their own DiSC profile.

AshlynnCurtis said...

Yours technique of DISC Workplace Assessments is very much useful to search the potential of an employee; the team leader will be able to assign right work to the right person with proper instructions.

Brian Wilson said...

To facilitate effectively, you must be objective. This doesn't mean you have to come from outside the organization or team, though. It simply means that, for the purposes of this group process, you will take a neutral stance. You step back from the detailed content and from your own personal views, and focus purely on the group process.

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Anonymous said...

Good post.