Friday, December 02, 2011

Ten Days of Thanksgiving (Day 9)

Thanksgiving and the focus we give to appreciation should be more than one day. Really, it should be everyday.

I am going to post about things I am thankful for each day for ten days to keep the feelings of gratitude going.

Day Nine.

I am thankful for my being optimistic and being one who can find the good in most situations. I usually see the world as full of opportunity (although I do get stressed out and lose my way from time to time). I appreciate that I learned young to choose to be happy... even when other choices might be easier.

I normally try not have a negative reaction to situations. I encounter people all the time who too quickly think that others are out to "screw them over" when there a parting of opinions. While I have known some who have taken advantage of me, most of the time misunderstandings are minor and most people I have worked with want to see a mutually beneficial solution.

I am very grateful for knowing so many people who want to watch others find success, and who do not look at the world as a zero-sum game. Those who enjoy knowing everyone can win are the best people to be around!

When I see those who get angry fast, harbor jealousy, or hold grudges over small things I feel bad for them. I am thankful that I discovered that few people are purely "bad". Even in adversary situations I am happy I try to seek understanding.

Anytime I deal with other humans I try to remember that everyone has "there own stuff". We cannot know their entire back-story or intuitively guess what they are thinking and feeling. Yet too many jump to conclusions and this brings problems (I know this because of first-hand experience where I interpreted the exact opposite of reality).

I know it might seem weird that I am thankful for this, but it really does bring me peace of mind (and that matters - maybe that is it... I am thankful for peace in my mind).

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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